Linguistically speaking WE TRANSCREATE. This is necessary in order to provide you with the very best standards of translation.  

We only work with native translators. They are able to read between the lines and to provide you with the cultural nuances that you require. Words that mean one thing in Mexico often mean something completely different in Spain.

We guarantee that your final results will never get “Lost in Translation”. This means that there will never be comprehension glitches and you will be consistently happy with our accuracy and fast turnaround.

We are hands on company with real people and we are not a huge language clearing house!

We are an office with in house translators using languages that they speak on a daily basis. Their vast knowledge of their native languages allows them to easily bring every translation tool into focus. Their human quality along with their utilisation of cat tools allows us to present your final translation in the same exact layout your that work was submitted.

Our Translation Process

First, you will be in communication with your project manager. He will select the perfect linguist from our team for the job. The project manager will act as your liaison throughout the entire process.

The project manager then sends the translated work to the initial proofreader. Because we know how important your documents are, the proofreader passes it on to a second proofreader who performs the final quality check!

Your document then returns to the project manager who delivers the final document to the client.

Of course your documents will always be treated as confidential.  

Impact Translation